TOUR DATES        

 - All Gigs with Joseph O’Keefe/India Electric Co. unless otherwise stated -

MAR 1ST   FRIENDS MEETING PLACE                WELLINGTON              7:30PM                   07511929954

MAR 2ND  PLOUGH ARTS CENTRE                      GT TORRINGTON        7:30PM                   01805624624

MAR 15TH  YMCA SLEEPEASY EVENT                EXETER                         TIME TBC              01392 410530

MAR 21ST   COMMUNITY CENTRE                       CULLOMPTON             7PM                         0188433265

MAR 22ND  THE BIRDCAGE                                    BRISTOL                         9PM                        0117 929 1130

MAR 29TH  ST MARY IN THE CASTLE                HASTINGS                       8PM                       01323 841414   ***SUPPORTING CARA DILLON***

APR 2ND  BELGARDE THEATRE                           COVENTRY                    7:30PM                   01235 515144    ***SUPPORTING HAZEL O’CONNOR***

APR 3RD  HUNTINGTON HALL                             WORCESTER                  7:30PM                  01905 611427  ***SUPPORTING HAZEL O’CONNOR***

APR 4TH  ARTS CENTRE                                         DIDCOT                           7:30PM                   01235 515144  ***SUPPORTING HAZEL O’CONNOR***

APR 10TH  COURTYARD                                         HEREFORD                     7:30PM                   01432 340555  ***SUPPORTING HAZEL O’CONNOR***

APR 12TH  ARTS CENTRE                                      ROPETACKLE                  7:30PM                  01273 46440 ***SUPPORTING MIDGE URE***

APR 13TH  VILLAGE HALL                                    KINGSAND                       3:30PM               PLEASE NOTE :                                    ***MUSIC FOR ‘GIRLS OF THE GLOBE’ SHAKESPEARE THEATRE SHOW***

APR 16TH  NO 8 CAFE                                             LAUNCESTON                  7:30PM                   01566 777369

APR 19TH  THE BEEHIVE CENTRE                     HONITON                           7:30PM

APR 24TH  LYDE COURT                                      HEREFORD                         6:30PM                    01432 357753

APR 25TH  LYDE COURT                                      HEREFORD                       PRIVATE EVENT

APR 26TH  U.T.E ARTS CENTRE                        WOTTON U.E                       8PM                         07791 323 869

APR 27TH  OXFORD FOLK WEEKEND            MAIN STAGE                         12PM

APR 13TH  CADHAY                                                OTTERY ST MARY                               PLEASE NOTE :                                                   ***MUSIC FOR ‘GIRLS OF THE GLOBE’ SHAKESPEARE THEATRE SHOW***

MAY 2ND   ART HOUSE GALLERY                     SOUTHAMPTON              8PM                        023 8023 8582

MAY 3RD   COMMUNITY CENTRE                     CULLOMPTON                  7:30PM                        0188433265

MAY 4th  BRISTOL FOLK FESTIVAL                                                                  4:15pm

MAY 25th  HEART OF DEVON FESTIVAL        BOW                                        4pm                             01363 82379

JUNE 1ST    EXETER RESPECT FESTIVAL                                                    4:30PM               

JUNE 7TH  MILL ON THE FLEET                      DUMFRIES                          8PM                        01557 814099      

JUNE 13TH  RED ROOF GALLERY                   ISLE OF SKYE                     8PM                          01470 511 766

JUNE 19TH  PLOUGH ARTS CENTRE             TORRINGTON                      8PM                          01805624624 ***SUPPORTING MIDGE URE***

JUNE 20TH  MARINE THEATRE                      LYME REGIS                         7:45PM                     01297 442138   ***SUPPORTING MIDGE URE***

JUNE 25TH GOLF &COUNTRY CLUB               EXETER                                8PM                           01392 874139 ***SUPPORTING STEVE KNIGHTLEY***

JUNE 26TH GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL          PILTON                                TIME TBA

JUNE 27TH GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL          PILTON                                TIME TBA

JUNE 28TH GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL          PILTON                                TIME TBA

JUNE 29TH GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL          PILTON                                TIME TBA

JULY 12TH  VILLAGE HALL                                 DEVORAN                          PLEASE NOTE :                                                             ***MUSIC FOR ‘GIRLS OF THE GLOBE’ SHAKESPEARE THEATRE SHOW***

JULY 18TH MARLBOROUGH JAZZ FESTIVAL                                              TIME TBA              01672 515095

JULY 26TH BOBFEST                                              WELLINGTON                    7PM                                    PRIVATE EVENT

AUG 2ND     SIDMOUTH FOLK FESTIVAL       HAM MARQUEE                 7:30PM                   01395 577952

AUG 3RD     SIDMOUTH FOLK FESTIVAL       THE ANCHOR                      TIME TBA              01395 577952

AUG 7TH     JOHN & LIZZIE’S WEDDING         DEVON                                  PRIVATE EVENT

AUG 8TH     HOUSE CONCERT                              DEVON                                  PRIVATE EVENT

SEPT 3RD    WHITE HORSE FOLK CLUB          HIGHWORTH                     8PM                            01793 762070

SEPT 6TH    HOUSE CONCERT                             NORTHAMPTON               PRIVATE EVENT        

SEPT 18TH  ARTS CENTRE                                     BRIDPORT                             8PM                                     TBC 

SEPT 19TH  DOWNEND FOLK CLUB                  GLOUCESTERSHIRE        7:30PM                   07837 881941   

OCT 12TH    GOOSFEST                                             CHESHIRE                           7:30PM                   01477544467 ***SUPPORTING HAZEL O’CONNOR***             

OCT 31ST    GEORGE HOTEL                                 SOUTH MOLTON                7:30PM              01769572514                           ***SUPPORTING HAZEL O’CONNOR***                



NB: Tickets obtained by clicking on the Venue unless stated otherwise – this list is being updated all the time.

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photo (c) C. Parratt –

A selection of some of Cole’s previous gigs over the last 18 months

  •  Acoustic Festival Of Britain ’12 , Glastonbury Festival ’10, Bristol Folk Festival, Chagstock Festival ’09, Sidmouth Folk Festival ’09, ’10, ’11.